Revisions and a Hearty Breakfast


On Thursday, I received the long awaited (in reality it was only six weeks) response to the manuscript I entered into the Harlequin Love Inspired From Blurb to Book contest. While I didn’t receive “The Call” offering me a contract, I am very happy with the response to my entry.

In the email I received, the editor told me how much she enjoyed my voice (writing style), my interesting characters, and the suspense plot that kept her on the edge of her seat. Unfortunately, there were some plot holes that were enough to make the story need extensive revisions, so she was unable to offer a contract. However, she has given me feedback and revision notes and has requested that I revise the manuscript and resubmit it.

For a writer to receive this kind of feedback from an editor is major! Of course the day I received the email I felt very overwhelmed. But fortunately, I have a wonderful support system (family, friends, and a writing community) that immediately set about to make me feel good about the revision request. My cheerleaders are chanting words of encouragement and keeping me motivated so I can power through these revisions.

Now it’s up to me to get the revisions completed and the manuscript sent back to the editor. I got started early this morning by taking my notes to the local barbecue restaurant where I sat in a booth and worked on revisions while enjoying a hearty breakfast that I didn’t have to cook. ūüôā


Bangs and Booms, Fingerprints, and SWAT

It all started on Feb. 14, 2015, when my sweet Mountain Man told me my Valentine’s Day gift was an all expense paid trip to Appleton, WI, to attend the 7th annual¬†Writers’ Police Academy. Of course, this meant I had to wait six months to¬†actually “open” my gift. But boy was it worth the wait!!

On Thursday, August 20th, I was one of 300 writers who descended on the town of Appleton, WI, to attend the academy held at the Fox Valley Technical College Public Safety Training Center .

11933534_10156014352910725_739475941_n  11909812_10156014352915725_2091705569_n


The Bloodstain Pattern Investigations and Techniques and the Advance Fingerprinting classes were informative and fun.

 11913218_10156014352935725_695968639_n                       11944970_10156014352930725_467577979_n                        11920398_10156014352955725_1710285595_n


The SWAT Experience class was one of my favorites.


11913121_10156014352845725_1306381132_n                             11920357_10156014352805725_920416005_n                    11944543_10156014352800725_1609198299_n


Why yes, I do believe these guys will make excellent heroes for my future books!

                                                         11944966_10156014392320725_1903535283_n             11911004_10156014392315725_1693651039_n

Jail tour. . .

11930613_10156014352785725_819885609_n                               11938806_10156014352795725_1948820124_n


Karin Slaughter was the keynote speaker at the banquet. A natural storyteller, she kept us all entertained.



As a romantic suspense writer who is pursuing publication, attending the Writers’ Police Academy¬†was a dream come true. But in addition to the knowledge that I gained,¬†I also had¬†the opportunity to form friendships¬†with authors who I admire. ¬†I feel blessed to have experienced this adventure with them.

11933056_10156014352860725_1621120785_n Tina Radcliffe, Debby Giusti, Margaret Daley, me, Terri Reed
FullSizeRender Debby, Christy Reece, Tina, me, Margaret, Terri

Oh, and let’s not forget the cheese curds. ūüėČ I mean it¬†was Wisconsin after all.


First Week of School

It’s been over a week since my last post, and I was doing so well. Okay, so I’ve only had my blog for three weeks, but for two of those weeks I posted¬†semi-regularly. ūüėÄ

What kept me so busy this week that I couldn’t manage to write a blog post? The first week of the 2015-2016 school year of course. Teacher workdays. Preparing my classroom. Writing lesson plans. Orientation. The first days of school. Learning routines and schedules.

However, even with the exhaustion that comes from being back at¬†work and standing on concrete floors all day long, it’s been a wonderful week. Meeting new students who are eager to learn. Setting goals and expectations. Placing the bar high enough students¬†have to stretch, but low enough they¬†know reaching them¬†is possible.

And best of all, my students’ smiling faces far¬†outweigh my¬†fatigue.

Thankful Thursday Week 2

Today, I’m thankful for slow summer rain. ūüôā

I’ve been sitting here working on my revisions¬†reading Facebook and procrastinating¬†while listening to¬†the rain that’s been steadily falling for the past hour and a half. I’m so very thankful for this rain. My yard has turned brown over the course of the past few weeks, and a slow rain is exactly what was needed. If it wasn’t for the random claps of thunder, I’d be tempted to go take a walk. But since I don’t want to be struck by lightning, I think I’ll stay indoors. And maybe take a nap. ūüėČ