Downton Abbey and Lessons on Waiting

I’m a little late getting on the Downton Abbey bandwagon; however, after finding the first four seasons on DVD on sale two days ago, I’m completely on board now.

I watched the first two disk (four episodes) with my daughter yesterday before our husbands took over the television to watch the Alabama vs Auburn game. (Roll Tide!!! 🙂 ) There were several things that caught my attention about this series. First, I’ve always been fascinated by anything British, so I love the accents and the history. Second, I love how the storyline not only revolves around the upper class family but also the staff.

My favorite quote thus far into the series actually came about as a result of the staff storyline. Said by Joe Burns (farmer) to Mrs. Hughes (head housekeeper) after asking for her hand in marriage, “I’d rather wait a week for the right answer than get a wrong one in a hurry.”

As a writer who has (as stated in previous posts) spent a lot of time waiting to hear back from editors about one story or the other, this quote seemed to speak to me. Yes, waiting for the right answer, though difficult at times, would be much better than getting the wrong answer quickly. Unfortunately, when dealing with writing and publishing, it’s very rare to get a quick answer, either good or bad. It’s been five weeks since I returned my revised manuscript for consideration. And the wait goes on. . .

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