With Friends Like These…

I can’t believe that my summer break is almost over! The 2016-2017 school year begins one week from tomorrow. Where has my summer gone?

I had such grand plans to complete revisions on both of my manuscripts that have revision requests from editors, start a new manuscript, read at least two of the writing craft books sitting on my bookcase, and meet with a writer friend for a writing retreat.

Of these things, I’ve only completed one. Now, before you give me a hard time, you need to know that I have completed about half of the revisions on one of my manuscripts (after having to go back and undo some of the changes I made earlier in the summer because I didn’t like the direction the story was going) and ordered three more craft books to go on my bookcase (why is there not enough time in the day to write, and read, and take care of the thousand and one daily household chores?). The one thing I did accomplish was arranging a writing retreat with friends.

Honestly, if I’d been told at the beginning of summer that I had to pick one item on my list and it would be the only thing I completed all summer, I hope I would have had enough sense to pick the writing retreat. It was exactly what I needed to motivate me and get me back-on-track with my writing.


I don’t know how I was blessed with writing friends like these, but to have a friend who would fly (seven hours with layovers and delays) to meet me for two nights/three days to brainstorm/motivate/encourage, another friend who would drive forty-five minutes just to meet us, and an author friend who would graciously open her home to us for lunch and then take time out of her day the next day to meet us for dinner to discuss writing was beyond anything I could have hoped for. I was so blessed by my time with each of these three women. They encouraged me and prayed for me and my writing journey. I went home recharged and ready to tackle my revisions. As the saying goes, Life is Good!

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