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  1. Um yeah. It wasn’t an especially rough winter here in the Northeast, at least not compared to other parts of the country, everything is relative where winter is concerned, but it was definitely LONG. I don’t usually mind being housebound, I have my books, my DVDs and hobbies, but this year I experienced cabin fever to an extent I never have before. This.Is.Gonna.Be.Great.


    • Where I live in north Alabama, the weather has been crazy. We’d have a week of below freezing weather, then a week in the sixties. I don’t mind winter, but I’d like it to be consistent and not all the up and down stuff that we have. The only thing I worry about with the coming of spring is the tornadoes. We’ve already had 37 across the state in the past month. Still, I enjoy the seasons and try to embrace them.


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