Jackie Layton’s Latest Book

Book three in Jackie Layton’s Low Country Dog Walker series releases on Oct. 30th, and I couldn’t wait to share a bit of the mystery Andi Grace and her friends get tangled in this time.

Does one good turn deserve a murder?

Despite all her good intentions to focus on a healthy lifestyle and leave crime solving to the professionals, Andi Grace Scott has run right smack into another investigation—literally. Who’d have thought caring for stray cats and a healthy morning beach run could lead to murder?

Andi Grace has found another body and a young woman who needs help. Solving this puzzle will come with a cost. This time, catching the killer will require Andi Grace to confront her past relationships and truths about her deceased mother.


The sheriff dug a little notepad out of his shirt pocket. “Consider
this a preliminary interview, but I need to speak to each of you
separately. I may have more questions later. Who first?”

“Andi Grace, you go ahead.” Marc reached for Sunny’s leash and
attached it to her harness. Our hands touched, and tingles danced up my

Every day I made decisions about my life and business. For years
I’d stood on my own two feet, but when it came to the law, I appreciated
Marc’s support. The sheriff had grown up in the area and even attended
high school with me. Still, I didn’t want to give him a reason to arrest

Wade clicked his pen. “Andi Grace, tell me what happened.”

I took a deep breath and silently counted to ten in French as I
exhaled. What details could I report? “There’s not a lot to tell. Marc and
I were running with the dogs, and we found Tabby’s body. End of story.
Where’s your Toughbook?” After two murders in Heyward Beach, I’d
learned the sheriff liked to use his small computer when solving crimes.

“At the office. It’s too sandy out here to risk destroying the thing. Is
there anything else you remember?”

“We passed a few other runners, but they were dressed in athletic
gear. Nobody looked suspicious. There was a boat out on the water.” I
crossed my arms. “I feel like Tabby might have been killed on the beach.
I’ve been watching crime shows, and her body isn’t bloated. Dirty, yes,
but not ruined by the salt water. Although I do think the tide reached her

Wade shook his head. “You’re not investigating Tabby’s death, but
for kicks, explain your theory to me.”

“I didn’t spot blood on the stones, and one shoe is missing.” I
pointed to the structure designed to protect the shore from erosion and
to trap sand. Not to ensnare dead bodies. “It’d be easy to imagine she
slipped and struck her head on the boulders, but maybe she was killed in
the sand. It’s possible her body drifted to the groin and stopped there, or
she could’ve been dragged so we’d believe she’d fallen. Depending on
when she was killed, the tide would wash away the drag marks and

“Duly noted. Do you need to tell me anything else?”

I racked my brain but came up empty. “No, that’s all.”

“Good. I want to make sure we’re on the same page. We’ll
investigate and determine if Tabby Malkin’s death was an accident or
murder.” He pointed his pencil at me. “Are we clear?”

“Yes.” I wouldn’t argue and try to defend my past actions. “You’re
the sheriff, and your department plans to solve the murder.”

“First, we’ll determine how she died.”

Preorder Your Copy Today:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/34NtLvv

Kobo: https://tinyurl.com/y3f8g2vt 

Bares & Noble: https://tinyurl.com/y4crbcnf 

Google: https://tinyurl.com/y4a6gwu6 

Meet Jackie Layton:

Former Kentucky pharmacist Jackie Layton loves her new life in the Low Country. When she’s not writing, Jackie enjoys walks on the beach, bike rides and collecting shells. The first two books in Jackie’s Low Country Dog Walker Mystery series are Bite the Dust and Dog-Gone Dead. Jackie always enjoys hearing from readers. 

I asked Jackie to tell us a little about her hobbies and this is her response:

Rhonda, when I go on vacation or even leave town, I always want to check out the local bookstores. I enjoy discovering the local authors in the area I’m visiting, and I always buy something before leaving the store. If I go to an estate sale, I also look for books. Finding an autographed book is even more exciting. I also love to find Bibles that have been written in by the owner. I had a huge book collection before we moved from Kentucky to South Carolina. Downsizing meant I had to give away some of my beloved books, but you’d probably laugh if you could see my bookshelves now.

That sounds like my kind of fun, Jackie!

Find Jackie at the Following Places on Social Media:

Twitter: @Joyfulje

12 thoughts on “Jackie Layton’s Latest Book

  1. Jackie, I didn’t know you collected books and Bibles! You are so cool. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE learning more about you.


  2. Jackie, I went to an estate sale and then to an antique mall last weekend and I thought about you. My daughter-in-law was shopping for old hymnals. It’d been years since I went shopping for antiques….

    Love your cover and I can’t wait to read this one!


  3. OOOH Jackie, I love that you collect books and bibles and that you always visit local bookstores. They’re so much fun! And I cannot wait to read Bag of Bones!


  4. Great excerpt, Jackie! Definitely made me want to read more. I love that you collect old Bibles. I have purchased a few. Especially enjoy finding marked passages and the occasional church bulletin or program. I also love to buy old photos. A tiny glimpse into another time. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your new book!


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