Rocky Mountain Revenge

(available July 2020 from Love Inspired Suspense)

Welcome home. Upon returning to Blackberry Falls, Colorado, veterinarian Grace Porter witnesses the brutal attack that leaves her sister in a coma. Grace becomes the assailant’s next target, and she must rely on the man whose love she walked away from fifteen years ago to protect her.

Police Chief Evan Bradshaw has long suspected the illegal horse races that are plaguing the state have ties to his town, but it isn’t until his first love becomes an assailant’s target that he’s able to make the connection. Now, he must unravel a web of deceit to keep her alive while protecting his heart.   

If Walls Could Talk

(Winner of the Wisconsin Fab Five Contest 2016)

Turning a fear into a career, debutante turned contractor, Lucy Derrick has made a name for herself in the renovations world by converting abandoned buildings into luxury condos. Now she’s restoring the old Garrett Mercantile building – the place she spent five terrifying days while being held for ransom when she was six years old. Two months from finishing the project, someone wants her dead.

Lincoln Jameson, an ex-marine turned security specialist, is a man of honor who pays his debts. Lucy’s grandfather, senator Anderson J. Derrick, helped Linc when no one else would, so when the senator asks him to drop everything and get to Virginia, he does. It doesn’t matter that the senator’s granddaughter–a woman he once thought he’d spend a lifetime with–is the last person Linc wants to see.


A near-death experience has bodyguard Bridget Vincent returning to her childhood home to heal, both physically and emotionally. While checking the wild game cameras on the property, she and ranch foreman Sawyer Eldridge discover photographic evidence of a murder. Sawyer left his job as an FBI profiler eleven months ago when his inaccurate assessment of a suspect caused a colleague’s death. Now, he and Bridget are caught in a serial killer’s crosshairs, and his sedate life as a ranch foreman is in jeopardy. Can Sawyer and Bridget overcome past mistakes and catch a killer before he catches them?

Colorado Christmas Refuge

Former Air Force Cyberspace Operations Officer Ryan Vincent was deployed at the time of his fiancé’s murder, but he is convinced her abusive high school boyfriend Troy is the one who killed her. After three years of hitting one dead-end after the other in his search for evidence, Ryan is ready to concede that he’ll never see Jessica’s murderer behind bars. Then he discovers a letter Jessica was writing to him just before she was murdered. The letter leads him to look for Susan Bryant (a.k.a. Hadley Logan).

Hadley Logan buried her life as Susan Bryant and vowed to never look back. She and Jessica had become friends in grad school. Jessica had tried to warn her about Troy and his abusive, possessive personality, but she hadn’t listened. That is, until the night Troy pushed her down the stairs. At the hospital, she was informed that not only did she have a broken wrist but also she was pregnant. Being a single, unwed mother had never been her goal in life, but she knew she could never put her child through a life of abuse. So, she escaped Denver and headed to Cooper Landing, Wyoming, the last place she’d had happy memories with her birth mom. Only now, Ryan has brought the danger she thought she’d left behind right to her doorstep.