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Releases January 2025

Cold Case Mountain Murder

She wants justice for her daughter
but someone wants to stop her…

When her seventeen-year-old daughter’s murder is labeled a cold case, Jenna Hartley refuses to stop searching for answers—even as it puts her own life at risk. Her investigation podcast takes off, but the closer she comes to discovering what really happened to her only child, the deadlier the attempts on her life become. Retired Detective Sean Quinn warns her to leave the police work to the professionals, but he can’t watch her risk her life alone. Now he has one goal: keep Jenna alive long enough to draw out the killer who’s evaded them all…

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Releases April 2024

Uncovering Colorado Secrets

Getting to the truth could be deadly…

With her sister and brother-in-law murdered, it’s up to bodyguard Adeline Scott to keep her twin nephews safe from a killer’s crosshairs. So when an intruder breaks into their home and threatens them, she turns to her security expert boss, Linc Jameson, for help. But will they track down the answers as to what really happened before a killer strikes again?

Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller

Abducted at Christmas

Surviving the holidays…
with a kidnapper closing in.

Hadley Logan’s Christmas break turns into a holiday nightmare when an intruder breaks into her home and then bullets start flying. Only the quick actions of security specialist Ryan Vincent save her. Now she must rely on him to guard her and her five-year-old daughter as they go on the run. And when attempted murder turns to kidnapping, can Ryan keep this family together for Christmas?

Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller

Tracked Through the Mountains

To capture a killer, they’ll have to brave treacherous territory.

FBI agent Sawyer Eldridge is forced into a race against time when his sister is kidnapped by a serial killer. It’s a vicious act of revenge, and to save her, Sawyer is sent on a scavenger hunt in the mountains with bodyguard Bridget Vincent. But as Sawyer and Bridget work together to follow the killer’s clues, will they find Sawyer’s sister in time or are they being led into a trap?

Perilous Wilderness Escape

An undercover mission…
turns into life and death.

Hot on the trail of a ruthless drug cartel, FBI agent Randy Ingalls is nearly killed in an ambush—and left with amnesia. Now FBI agent Katherine Lewis must protect her undercover partner from the ruthless drug cartel pursuing them across the rugged Colorado mountains. Can she decipher the clues in his lost memory, or will she lose the case—and her partner—for good?

Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller

Rocky Mountain Revenge

To survive her deadly homecoming, she’ll need to trust a man from her past…

Temporarily home to help at her family’s vet clinic, Grace Porter has no intentions of staying—but someone’s determined she won’t live long enough to leave. With both Grace and her sister in the crosshairs, her ex-boyfriend, Police Chief Evan Bradshaw, must protect them. But can the single dad lawman uncover the truth about why a killer’s out for vengeance before time runs out?

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